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dc.contributor.authorPanchenko, Liubov F.-
dc.contributor.authorMuzyka, Ivan O.-
dc.identifier.citationPanchenko L. F. Analytical review of augmented reality MOOCs [Electronic resource] / Liubov F. Panchenko, Ivan O. Muzyka // Augmented Reality in Education : Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop (AREdu 2019), Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, March 22, 2019 / Edited by : Arnold E. Kiv, Mariya P. Shyshkina. – P. 168-180. – (CEUR Workshop Proceedings (CEUR-WS.org), Vol. 2547). – Access mode : http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2547/paper13.pdfuk_UA
dc.description.abstractAbstract. The aim of the article is to provide an analytical review of the content of massive open online courses about augmented reality and its use in education with the further intent to create a special course for the professional development system for the research and teaching personnel in postgraduate education. The object of research is massive open online courses. The subject of the study is the structure and content of augmented reality MOOCs which are offered by acclaimed providers of the world. The methods of research are: the analysis of publications on the problem; the analysis of MOOCs’ content, including observation; systematization and generalization of research information in order to design a special course about augmented reality for the system of professional training and retraining for educators in postgraduate education. The results of the research are the following: the content and program of specialized course “Augmented Reality as a Storytelling Tool” for the professional development of teachers. The purpose of the specialized course is to consider and discuss the possibilities of augmented reality as a new direction in the development of educational resources, to identify its benefits and constraints, as well as its components and the most appropriate tools for educators, to discuss the problems of teacher and student co-creation on the basis of the use of augmented reality, and to provide students with personal experience in designing their own stories and methodical tools in the form of augmented books and supplementary training aids with the help of modern digital services.uk_UA
dc.publisherArnold E. Kiv, Mariya P. Shyshkinauk_UA
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCEUR Workshop Proceedings;2547-
dc.subjectmassive open online coursesuk_UA
dc.subjectaugmented realityuk_UA
dc.subjectaugmented booksuk_UA
dc.subjectprofessional training and retraininguk_UA
dc.titleAnalytical review of augmented reality MOOCsuk_UA
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